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Forum Rules - v. 2

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Forum Rules - v. 2 Vide
PostSubject: Forum Rules - v. 2 Forum Rules - v. 2 EmptyThu Sep 04, 2008 8:39 pm

Hello all, and allow me to say that I'm glad you're reading this. Some people just skip over it, and end up getting busted Rolling Eyes

Well, here are all the rules and regulations you need to follow for the site:

  1. Swearing is permitted; but it is blocked out by things like *chocolate cookie* and *fluffy bunny*
  2. Reference to drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco is strictly frowned upon and a 96 - Permanent ban will be issued if it occurs while posting.
  3. No advertisement without permission from moderators.
  4. No spam. This includes random posts like "alskdht" and advertisement without permission. Useless posts like "lol" or "nice" are frowned upon, but not banned.
  5. No Backseat Moderating. This means acting like a moderator when you're not. We appreciate the extra help, but just relax! The moderators and admins have everything under control. There's nothing to worry about!
  6. No copyright infringement. This means posting material, videos, photos, or anything that belongs to someone else and you're using it without permission. Most likely, the original owner of the information will come to us complaining about the infringement, we will track it down, and your account WILL BE REMOVED without warning.

    Please know that warnings WILL BE ISSUED. So don't be going on the guest boards saying "Oh, well I didn't know! I didn't get warned!" Before a ban happens, warnings will always be issued. We gave you a chance, and you failed.

    Sorry if I'm being really strict right now, I'm just laying down the law. But they're only rules, right? Piece of cake!
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Forum Rules - v. 2

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